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Learning and helping others learn have become the most important skills in the 21st century.

However, before you want your people, teams, and organizations to learn anything, you have to give them the insights, tools, and competencies to be able to learn, embrace challenges, or overcome resistance to change.

Designing Talent does just that – it serves as a foundation of learning and growth – no matter in which area you want to improve.

At Designing Talent, we will give you all you need to learn.

What we

Fast Impact Program
  • 2 - 5 sessions
  • for teams and organizations of all types and sizes
  • includes our signature Designing Talent Assessments (DTA) to assess leadership skills, strengths, trust, conflict management or the like
Digital Readiness Program
  • standard or custom program to help professionals thrive in a digital environment
  • training in newest digital technologies, collaboration tools, camera training
  • Designing Talent Assessment "Digital Readiness"
  • Designing Talent Tools to succeed in a digital environment
  • specific modules for leadership, presentations, and talent development
LearningUp Program
  • 6-12 months, 1-2 sessions per month
  • multiple modules
  • on-the-job application
  • Designing Talent Assessments (DTA) to assess leadership skills, strengths, trust, conflict management or the like
  • coaching and supervision

Designing Talent Certification

  • intensive 3-day program
  • for leaders, HR professionals, mentors, and coaches
  • become a certified practitioner of the Designing Talent
  • pre- and post-work

Next Dates

  • November 2020 - March 2021
  • March 2021 - July 2021
  • September 2021 - January 2022

Our Certification Brochure


Trainer Certification

  • for Designing Talent Certification Alumni
  • by invitation

We offer all of our programs online or as blended formats.


Designing Talent Inc. is a training and talent development company with offices in Boston and Munich. We offer a new and unique framework "Designing Talent" for leadership and talent development that puts learning, creative problem-solving, and, ultimately, performance at its core. Using the Design Thinking-based ACE process and our simple yet highly effective tools helps people address their challenges, learn to be creative in finding the right solutions, track their progress, and evaluate results.

Our signature framework is the result of years of research and testing by the AUTORIS Institute for Talent Development and other leading scholars. AUTORIS' director, Prof. Matthias Ehrhardt, founded Designing Talent Inc. in 2018 to show individuals, teams, and organizations how they can hone the most important skill of the 21st century: learning and helping others learn.


Designing Talent equips individuals, teams, schools, universities, business schools, and companies of every size with the confidence and acumen to bring out the best in people.


»Matthias' programs always get outstanding feedback from participants: an amazing combination of academic excellence and real-life business application. I highly recommend the Designing Talent Certification.«

Iskender Dirik
Managing Director/General Manager Samsung NEXT Europe

»Since our team leads attended the Designing Talent Program, this framework has spread through the Blinkist office quickly: I see people standing in front of whiteboards together "ACEing" challenges or hear colleagues explaining their "Wheel of Why". Inspiring, insightful, actionable – I can highly recommend this program to anyone working with people.«

Anna-Lisa Obermann
Head of People, Blinkist

»Simply the best! Matthias and his team have uncanny knowledge to help individuals reach their utmost potential as leaders.«

Colin D. Weekes
MD, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital

»I've been through many leadership programs. The highest compliment that I can give to Designing Talent is that it's truly actionable. You leave with a toolbox of materials and skills that you can put into practice right away!«

Heidi Erdmann-Sullivan
CEO, Erdmann Marketing Group

»A modern workplace requires a modern approach to talent and lifelong learning. The Designing Talent Program and the many practical tools it provided helped me implement this in my company.«

Felix Eichler
Cofounder and Managing Director, Userlane
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»The Designing Talent Framework helps you discover the answers to crucial leadership questions you have never asked before.«

Olga Skipper
Executive Coach and Leadership Development

»Especially in our diverse and very remote working culture, the Designing Talent Framework has been extremely valuable. When faced with challenges, our teams immediately start applying the ACE process with great success.«

Jodok Batlogg
Founder and CTO Crate.io

»Thanks to the valuable tools I acquired in the Designing Talent Certification Program, I am now able to help others (and myself!) to work and learn in a very effective process- and person-oriented way.«

Bernadette Bruns
Director Executive Education DACH, IESE Business School

»I am not a process guy, but learning with ACE restored my confidence - it's so simple and fun that I use it every day with my people.«

Lenard F. Krawinkel
VC and Serial Entrepreneur

»With the ACE process, I feel so much more confident in my coaching. And what really made the difference were the interactive exercises with peers; walking the walk with like-minded individuals was so constructive and helpful. And downright fun too!«

Tim Darling
Learning and Development Manager, Speexx

»The Designing Talent Certification Program is a must-have for anyone responsible for modern learning and development in organizations. The new methods and tools have enabled me to have a great impact on my colleagues' individual learning journeys.«

Sarah Hoffmann
Chief People Officer, Brainwave Hub

»The ACE process hones Design Thinking into a powerful method. I walked away from Designing Talent Certification Program with tools and best practices I was able to apply to my business. I recommend the program unreservedly.«

Ivan Kennes
Founder and Director DIGIRAMIS Solutions

»Designing Talent is grounded in generosity: taking the time to help others develop their talents is one of the greatest gifts that we can give.«

Luke Burgis
Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur in Residence at Busch School of Business

»The Designing Talent Certification was fantastic. Matthias and his team have crafted a curiculum that is relevant and immediately applicable.«

Caitlin Bowler
User Experience Researcher & Curriculum Designer (Senior Associate) at ICF


We are proud to collaborate with outstanding coaches, facilitators, and partners.

Our core team

Founder and CEO

Matthias is a professor and entrepreneur in the field of talent development. He has been Director of the AUTORIS Institute for Talent Development for more than 20 years and has served as an executive coach, consultant, and facilitator for talent development, communication skills, and entrepreneurship at various business schools and universities.

Matthias' communication approach is multidisciplinary, fun, and rooted in a love of teaching. His expertise as a professor and successful entrepreneur allows him to speak for both worlds. He bridges the gap between the classroom and the boardroom and unifies their diverse ways of thinking and speaking into a single "talent language" that brings clarity and practicality. Designing Talent is steeped in his first-class academic approach to research. The insights from the seminar have been measured and evaluated according to a procedure and critical review process supported by his training as a professor.

Verena serves as trainer and coach for Designing Talent workshops and certification programs. Her fun, free-spirited, energetic approach to talent inspires the designing talent coaches and team. She is our COO and Head of Marketing and Sales. She collaborates frequently with coaches and clients across the globe, and is involved in ongoing research projects at the AUTORIS Institute for Talent Development.

Meet Ryan, an entrepreneur, experienced executive coach, and frequent jetsetter between Germany and the US. He has built up several businesses, including one of Munich's most successful language learning centers, and has been hosting entrepreneurial podcasts. He's bringing all his technical skills and digital expertise to the Designing Talent team.

Meet Heidi Erdmann-Sullivan, marketing expert and consultant, who has worked with renowned tech companies, entrepreneurs, and HR professionals. Heidi focusses on in-depth workshops for marketing teams of all sizes, to help them work through their workplace, strategic, and tactical challenges.

New York and Miami

Gonzague is the founder and owner of J&G Consulting. He brings decades of professional coaching practice with a special focus on business leaders and HR professionals as well as organization design and engagement. He holds numerous certifications in coaching, training, and assessments (e.g. Columbia Coaching Program, MBTI, Hogan, Situational Leadership, Lominger Architect, Voices, Learning Agility). Gonzague has a great deal of international experience as an HR leader in Fortune 100 companies in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Among his numerous publications is "Managing your Manager" (Mc Graw Hill, 2011).

San Francisco

Terry is the Founder and Chief Career Strategist of TheCareerLifeCycle LLC. He was previously Senior Client Partner with Korn Ferry in San Francisco. He brings 20 years of executive search experience at the most senior levels in North America, Australia, Asia and Europe, having previously worked at Heidrick & Struggles and, prior to that, Russell Reynolds Associates. Terry has worked extensively in energy technology, high-tech as well as in the industrial resources and manufacturing sectors.

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Our coaches and partners

Bernadette serves as Director Executive Education (DACH) at IESE. An expert in developing and managing programs, she has helped create top-notch and invaluable learning experiences for leaders and students at one of the world's best business schools.

Stephenie Girard holds numerous coaching certifications, her clients ranging from high growth start-ups to large international firms. Stephenie is also the Executive Coach for Ellevest (named on Linkedin’s top 50 start-up list), Harvard Business School and Arianna Huffington's new company, Thrive Global, and on the coaching faculty for the HBS Online program, "Developing Yourself as a Leader". Her mission is to support people in finding even more meaning in what they do and be their catalyst to achieve their individual goals successfully, striving for sustainable results.

Meet Philip, Value Coach and Advisor. He follows an innovative, multidimensional approach to improve the performance of executives and leadership teams. He has accumulated extensive experience as founder and entrepreneur in SME, the education- and service industry.

Rudolf is Managing Director at IESE Business School. He has extensive experience in designing and directing executive education programs for one of the world's leading business schools. He has served as an executive coach for over 20 years and has worked with senior and mid-level leaders, business families, founders, and entrepreneurs from around the world. Rudolf is a 100% "people person" and truly enjoys bringing people together, and to foster dialogue, learning, and growth. "Helping people thrive" is what drives him and let's him and the people he works with move forward with utmost enthusiasm and success.

Meet Hélène, business coach and consultant with expertise in the NGO sector. Her fluency in four languages and years of international experience have helped her empower people and teams around the globe to discover and use their strengths and talent.

Ivan consults with clients on all aspects of enhancing learning and growth in the workplace. A seasoned tech expert and learning coach, he combines talent development and technological innovation with proven sustainable and measurable business impact.

As entrepreneur, corporate, and startup executive and mentor in programs such as Techstars and Startupbootcamp, Olga has been focusing on startup founders. She has coached countless tech leaders and their teams on their challenging journeys to build remarkable companies that last.

Ralf is an experienced senior leader and executive coach. As expert in the agricultural business, he has built up several companies and developed innovative farming solutions. One of his biggest and successful projects is a farm in Namibia.

Walter is a successful leader, coach, and CIO. His key strength is problem-solving on all issues relating to IT infrastructure, security, procurement, and information management including decision-making supported by BI analyses. He also loves developing people, help them use their potential, and give them tools to get things done.

Meet Christian, strategic business and technology advisor. An expert in organizational, leadership, management and digital consulting, Christian knows what companies and their teams need in times of change and transformation.

Grace comes with an expertise in delivering technology solutions that strategically align with the business needs. She worked for 12 years in financial services industry partnering with business users in various functions that include derivatives trading, private banking, middle and back-office operations in portfolio management. Grace manages the development of our Designing Talent tech solutions.

Meet Karsten, experienced entrepreneur and consultant. An expert for digital agriculture management, he knows how to drive agricultural transformation and agribusiness development. Karsten has helped many people, companies, and organizations to successfully transform their business processes.

Kornelius is Diagnostic Specialist, lecturerer, and coach with a extensive experience in sports research and practice. His key areas of work include injury prevention, regeneration management, biofeedback, and athletic training.

Matt has worked in finance, higher education, and editorial design, and combines his business experience with a love for writing. He is grateful to be using his Designing Talent insights and creative skills to help individuals and teams explore their strengths and grow.

Caitlin is a user experience researcher and curriculum designer at ICF (Strategic Consulting for a Digital World). Her expertise in academic research, design thinking, and course development help her shape the learning experiences at many organizations. Prior to ICF, Caitlin developed curriculum at Harvard Business School.

Luke serves as Entrepreneur in Residence at the Busch School of Business in Washington DC. As a renowned author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Luke leverages his expertise and thought leadership to develop the next generation of business leaders.


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